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Star Director at Sundance: Ryan Coogler of Fruitvale

Every Sundance Festival usually has “that movie” on everyones lips by a first time director. Last year it was Beasts of the Southern Wild. This year it’s 26 year old Director/Writer Ryan Coogler, who received a standing ovation at multiple screenings and nabbed 2 awards closing night for Fruitvale. The film is about the story of Oscar Grant, a 22 year old Bay area native who was unjustly killed by a cop on New Years day 2009. Back then, witnesses to the killing posted the clandestine phone video onto YouTube stirring the whole nation. Fruitvale portrays the last 24 hours of this mans life, and punches you in the gut in unimaginable ways. 

(Director Ryan Coogler, Photo by Jauretsi. 2. Michael B. Jordan, of Friday Night Lights, plays Oscar Grant in Fruitvale. Photo: Film still courtesy of Fruitvale)