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New Charli XCX “SuperLove” Video

Pop princess Charli XCX takes to the streets of Tokyo with director Ryan Andrews for her latest track, “SuperLove.” With dancing robots, technicolor arcades, and motorcycle gangs, they’ve pulled out all the stops on this one, pushing the 21-year-old Brit one step closer to the mainstream.   

(Video courtesy of Asylum Records. Text by Jenny Bahn)


Girls Rule

Here’s a spanking new video hot off the presses! Who needs big budgets when you can just shoot real women of every age, shape, size, and ethnicity? Here’s a homage to cool chicks everywhere (shouts to New York gals Bijules, DJ Lindsay, and Anoma Whittaker who have a brief cameo). Fresh off the heels of Lena Dunhams acceptance speech for Best Comedy TV Series, here’s “Girls”, the new track from HBO’s Girls. — (Text by Jauretsi)