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miniature garden


It’s a Small World

Okay, so you want to build a terrarium. You’re going to need a few things. First, find a container. Do you want something round? Cylindrical? Re-purposed? Second, you’ll need your plants. Which plants you choose depend on the closure of your container. Succulents will not thrive in a closed-off terrarium; they don’t need humidity like other plants. If you want to keep your miniature garden living for more than a week, you’ll have to do your research. Thirdly, you must have a good drainage base. And last, you’ve got to have the right kind of soil. The devil is certainly in the details and we’re here to point you in the right direction. has a great step-by-step description for your D.I.Y. terrarium. And when it comes to supplies, eBay most definitely has you covered. From glass containers to air plants to soil to succulents, you’ll find everything you need online. 

(Photos: Courtesy of Dwell and TheLittleBigBlog. Text by Jenny Bahn)