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Sundance Premiere: Big Sur

Wednesday was the screening for Big Sur, the book adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s time spent in a cabin by the water. We were thrilled to witness the feature film, full of striking nature visuals mixed with ample voiced-over Kerouac words, sprinkled with storyline from fine actors. Oh and yes, alcohol, alcohol, and some more alcohol. The demons were plenty in this tale. 

Director Michael Polish who thanked Calvin Klein for feeding the cast before the screening, included Kate Bosworth who plays not only a role in the film, but also his girlfriend in real life. “It was a beast of burden” said Polish on adapting the classic book. “It’s a great Rolling Stone song but it was a hell of a movie to make”. Costar Josh Lucas gushed “I have been a lover of Kerouac for a very long time. He just kicks you in the nuts and says ‘this is who you are’.”

When asked by an audience member about the status of the films purchase, the cast defended it’s experimental purity. “It’s a true independent” said lead actor Jean Marc-Barr (who you may remember from The Big Blue 25 years ago). “This film was done for charity, for love of Kerouac. Right now it’s a baby and it was just born tonight. If you try to put in a category of Hollywood films it’s impossible. It’s a new baby, and its going to live, and that’s what should be celebrated really. Cue loud applause. Viva independent cinema.  

(Credits: 1. Kate Bosworth, Rhada Mitchell, Jean-Marc Barr 2. Michael Polish, Kate Bosworth, Rhada Mitchell, Jean-Marc Barr, Josh Lucas, John Robinson, Balthazar Getty. Photo and Text by Jauretsi)