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Sundance Dispatch: Lake Bell Wins Award

First time Director Lake Bell gets the Sundance award for “Drama Screenwriting” for her film In a World, which The Inside Source covered earlier in this week. Here she is celebrating a drink with costar Michaela Watkins at the Awards Closing Night party. Go girl!  

(Photo and Text by Jauretsi. Film still courtesy of In a World)


Sundance Premiere: In a World

"I’m just an avid trailer watcher" admits Lake Bell, writer/director/star of her film, In A World, which played at Sundance yesterday. In the story, Lake plays a down and out vocal coach with big dreams of making it in the trailer voice industry. It doesn’t help that her characters father is the world famous trailer voice guy in a field dominated by men. In the laugh-out-loud feature, Lake says there is a minor feminist message tucked inside the film, or as she jokingly told The Inside Source, “gentle feminism”.

"I was always obsessed with the fact that…[MORE] omniscient trailer voices are always male". In the comedy, Lake’s character is hyper conscious of women’s high-pitched "sexy baby" voices, which she feels are "vocal viruses" that diminish a woman’s strength, thereby subtly adding another conversation about voice culture to the movie. "It was a nice marriage of topics" she explained about her directorial debut. "I hope it comes off in a funny way". 

(Photo: 1. Lake Bell on Premiere Night by Jauretsi 2. Group shot by Jay L. Clendenin for Los Angeles Times. Cast: Ken Marino, left, Rob Corddry, Tig Notaro, Demetri Martin, Lake Bell, Fred Melamed, Michaela Watkins and Alexandra Holden. Text by Jauretsi)


Lake Bell’s Home Tip

By Jauretsi

"This has been coined the necklace monster,” says actress Lake Bell about the female mannequin bust on display in her home. "This body of accessory clutter was a wrap gift on a film I did a hundred years ago. It was actually part of the set dressing for my character, and I became so in love ".

Vogue Magazine visited her home and snapped a few pics for us. We’re loving the mannequin bust to test outfit looks with necklace accessories. It’s not only a decorative visual display, but a useful tool in any girl’s bedroom. eBay has a few mannequin’s ranging from $20 to $50 available to don in your own way in your own abode. For more photos of Lake’s home style, visit

(Photos: Courtesy of Claiborne Swanson Frank and Vogue. Lake Bell is wearing vintage Christopher Lee by William jumpsuit and Miu Miu pumps.)