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Lover seems an appropriate name for a label that specializes in strong, powerful femininity. Working in sheer fabrics and lace for the last few seasons, Lover’s collections are reminiscent of both Stella McCartney and Valentino — not a bad comparison by any means. Want something to love? Click here to see Lover’s Valentine mini-dress currently listed on eBay

(Photo courtesy of eBay seller lesnouvelles. Text by Jenny Bahn)


Lace Lace Lace

By Jauretsi

Lace is one of those items that remains a staple for feminine strength and artisanship. Valentino introduced extremely thoughtful designs and handwork this past Fashion Week Paris. Erdem was on the same game with their own response to lace fever. Luckily, if you’re an expert eBay searcher, you’ll be a jump ahead of the trend, and sift for your very own vintage treasure such as this  60’s white cotton lace dress pictured above (center, bottom row). If all you need is a charming dress detail, check out eBay’s selection of lace trims and collars surely to get you running to your sewing machine. Embrace the lace. 

(Photo 1 and 2, Valentino PFW Spring 2013 RTW from Phe-nomenal Tumblr. Photo 3 from eBay Seller Jewal. 4 from Jalousie Tumblr)