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The Photography Hunt: Ruvan Wijesooriya

By Jauretsi

After our previous chat at Art Basel with photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya, documenter of LCD Soundsystems last glorious seven years, first we ran to go buy the book, and secondly, we inquired which cameras created all the magic. 

"I use the Contax systems, so I really love my Aria" says the music-phile. He also tipped us off to the G2 Rangefinder. ”My point-and-shoot of choice is a Contax T3. I probably like that one best. It was my first real camera and its stealthy”. In terms of lenses, you can’t go wrong with the good ol’ fashioned standard 35 mm lens. eBay has a ton of options up for grabs so take a peek. Now all you have to do is have the foresight which Ruvan had almost a decade ago, and find yourself the next LCD Soundsystem to document. Visit Powerhouse Books to purchase your own copy of LCD for some inspiration. 

(Photo: 1. G2 Rangefinder from Seller Lens.Camera 2. G2 Rangefinder 3. 35 MM Lens Seller Shutterblade  4. Contax T3 Seller Japancamera20005. Contax T3)