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Gloria Steinem & Tavi Gevinson

At the premiere for last nights MAKERS, a digital platform sharing stories of incredible women of empowerment, I found myself a few feet from both the godmother of feminism, Gloria Steinem, and the newest blood on the block, 15 year old blogger Tavi Gevinson. Tavi was raised on a strong diet of Sassy and Jane Magazines, Riottt Girl zine’s, and above all Gloria Steinem. First I greeted Tavi who stood mouth agape near her literary idol saying “she is amazing”. Then Tavi reached to her necklace and leaned into me quietly confessing… [MORE] “Look, I actually wore this by accident tonight” pointing to her Gloria neck chain. “I hope I don’t seem like a stalker” she said in the most humble manner. Little did she know Gloria fondly remembered speaking with her.  I found myself equally sensitive to the magic aura of the Ms magazine founder, so I was compelled to ask her about the new generations challenges of female empowerment. In other words, how does a young woman today keep her eye on the ball, versus a woman in the 70’s. “They know what is unfair in their lives. We are here to support. We are not here to tell them what to do”, Gloria told The Inside Source. “Remember when you are a little kid, and you say it’s not fair, you are not the boss of me… you now that instinct?” asks the legend. She raises her fist lovingly and says “hang on to that”.

(Photo and Text by Jauretsi)