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Sundance Boys to Watch

After combing through a myriad films at Sundance, The Inside Source rounds up the top cuties we feel you’d be wise to follow this year. 

(1) Nick Robinson (Toy’s House) is a Sundance virgin this year. At 17 years old, the budding actor has the swagger and acting chops of a baby Brad Pitt. 

(2) Miles Teller (Spectacular Now). Costarring with Shailene Woodley (the daughter from The Descendants), Teller gives commanding performance to catapult his career. Film releases July 2013 in theaters.

(3) Boyd Holbrook (Very Good Girls). The man forming a triangle between of Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olson, this model-turned-actor is creating heat in the movie directed by Naomi Foner (Jake and Maggie Gyllenhall’s mother).

(4) David Lambert (Lifeguard). Since age 3 he’s been doing theater. Now that he’s playing teen lover to the older lifeguard Kristen Bell, our little Lambert has grown up.

(Photo: IMDB. Text by Jauretsi)


Sundance Premiere: Very Good Girls

The Inside Source attended Sundance’s premiere of Very Good Girls, a film written and directed by Naomi Foner, with a score by Jenny Lewis. Naomi’s son, Jake Gyllenhall, joined her son-in-law, Peter Sarsgaard, in the audience. Breakout star, Boyd Holbrook (seen above) acts as the love interest in a triangle between Dakota Fanning’s and Elizabeth Olson’s characters. When asked why there were no cell phones in the middle of a teen story, Dakota (seen above) answered ”We discussed limiting the use of that. “I’ve grown up in a generation of iPads, iPhones, Blackberrys, and all that takes away from the human-to-human connection, which is what this movie is all about.”

(Dakota Fanning dressed in Louis Vuitton. Photo and Text by Jauretsi)