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biggie smalls sweatshirt


To All the Ladies in the Place with Style and Grace

Cravin’ that one signature piece for your closet that screams “gangstah”? The cute blogger ThatLucieGirl snapped a photo of herself sporting a Biggie classic. We spotted a few extra Biggie items in the eBay closet (seen above) so you can don the King of New York on your chest, too. There’s the unisex grey crewneck sweatshirt ($50.14) or the B-I-G grey crewneck ($32.28). To rock the iconic crown-wearing Biggie graphic that Lucie is wearing, check out this other black Biggie t-shirt ($17.59). 

(Photos: 1. ThatLucieGirl. Photos 2 and 3 Courtesy of eBay Sellers)