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(Photo courtesy of Inhabitat. Graphic by Jenny Bahn)

(Photo courtesy of Inhabitat. Graphic by Jenny Bahn)

(Image courtesy of Smitten Studio Online)

(Image courtesy of Smitten Studio Online)


Coming Up Roses

Artist Valeria Alevra’s Paper Collages series circa 2009 is an explosive marriage of monochrome interiors and vibrant layers of flora and fauna. Roses spill from the ceiling, carpets are replaced with grass. The work is otherworldly and beautiful… and really makes us want to pull out the scissors and decoupage. 

(Photos courtesy of Valeria Alevra. Text by Jenny Bahn)


Trendspotting: Coming Up Roses

By Sade Lythcott

Bold, head-to-toe florals are the ultimate statement for fall. The bigger, the better. The bolder, the more chic. I have been tracking this trend in fashion mags and by watching trendsetters on the streets. One thing is for certain: You can’t go wrong with flower power. Before you take on this trend, here’s a bit of advice: Choose one article of clothing or an accessory to make this bold statement to avoid looking too much like your grandma’s garden instead of the blooming blossom you are.

(Photos: Courtesy of W, Vogue,, StyleBubble, Elle, and Lucky)