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Rick Schaier


Insta-Peep-o-Gram: World, Meet Rick Schaier

By Jenny Bahn

One of my favorite things about Instagram is “discovering” new people. You start off with a mutual friend (or, in some cases, a band or an artist you follow), and through them you find like-minded friends of friends. Instagram can be truly a beautiful rabbit hole if you know how to navigate it correctly.

One such discovery was Rick Schaier (aka @victoriancow). He repeatedly came up in scrolls through my friend’s feed, Charlie Brand of the band Miniature Tigers, which, as it turns out, Schaier plays for. In addition to playing for Miniature Tigers and managing his solo project, Alvin Band, Schaier is a wonderful digital artist. Having grown up painting on canvas with acrylics, he now does more with his iPhone, making collages and paintings using apps like Brushes and Juxtaposer. Rick Schaier is a dynamic and interesting fellow, all of which is reflected on his Instagram — a must-follow, in my opinion.