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Nick Knight Flora


Insta-Peep-o-Gram: Nick Knight

By Jenny Bahn

In 1997, acclaimed photographer Nick Knight published Flora, a book of flowers and plants that transcended the ordinary. Knight spent three and a half years sorting through six million specimens kept at the herbarium of the National History Museum of London, eventually settling on 46 of the most stunning on which to base the series.


His fascination with the botanical world has maintained throughout the years, evident in the absolutely stunning snapshots featured on his Instagram feed. Many of the pictures Knight posts are from a new body of work, featuring gorgeous, warped, hyper-saturated images of flora and fauna. Knight manipulates his photographs after printing, manually exposing each image to heat and water before it dries. The result, as you’ll see, is extraordinary. 

To follow Nick Knight on Instagram, his handle is @showstudio_nick_knight.