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A Boy’s Life

When it comes to street style, the women and men of fashion week go toe-to-toe, neither party backing down for the sake of inferior accessories, less-than-magnficient shoes, or ho-hum handbags. Winter, however, can be the great equalizer, meaning that the decadent, impractical items get tucked away in favor of a more practical aesthetic, all in the name of warmth. But even when dressing for the cold, you don’t have to sacrifice your style. (You’ll see no puffy coats shot by the likes of Tommy Ton, after all). Here, the gentlemen of the menswear shows this January all sport gorgeous, textural pieces — blazers with rough edges, tough military coats, dandy scarves. It might not be the regalia we drool over from warmer months, but it will have to do.

(Photos courtesy of Tommy Ton for GQ and Text by Jenny Bahn)