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The Best of Art Basel

By Jauretsi

In the wake of our art hangover from Art Basel last week in Miami, The Inside Source gathered an intelligence report from some prominent attendees this year. The team of creative minds are:

Sophia Amoruso (CEO & Founder Nasty Gal)

Claudia Donaldson (Nowness)

Abbey Drucker (Photographer)

Crystal Moselle (Filmmaker)

Matthu Placek (Photographer)

Alexis Johnson (Paula Cooper Gallery)


Which piece of art moved you the most?

• Sophia: Thomas Dozol’s Bridge Red at Jack Hanley Gallery (which I purchased!) 

• Claudia: Sigalit Landau’s Barbed Hula at the Rubell Collection


• Abbey: Man Ray Untitled, 1936, Print at Art Basel. Gorgeous, simple, fine grain portrait with pristine printing

• Crystal: In the Wynwood area, there was this Unicorn sculpture by Paloma Teppa  with a plant growing as its mane. I really loved it. Ivan Navarro had this SICK piece in the show as well

• Matthu: Since it’s install many years ago, A Diary of Flowers, 1994, by Jim Hodges at the De La Cruz Collection. I go to see it on every visit to Miami. 

• Alexis: Carl Andre 7 Cu Slants 20 at Konrad Fisher Galerie Booth H08

Which party made you dance with abandon?

• Sophia: Vito Schnabel and Stavros Niarchos’ Thursday night party at The Wall. 

• Claudia: Arthur Baker at the White Cube party

• Abbey: Pulse, Poolside concert featuring SSION had everyone dancing. 

• Crystal: OH man I think the last night at Le Pompon at the Victor [Hotel]. May Kwok did this heavy hip hop set that took us down pretty hardcore. We also had an epic dance party in the street on top of this Mustang that we rented. Also, in one of those stores where you can buy those sweatpants with “I love Miami” written on them. There were so many moments. 

• Matthu: The salsa room at Twist (almost every night)

• Alexis: I danced a jig at Art Basel Miami Beach, Booth F09, conveniently where I worked all week, at exactly 5:45pm when we made a few amazing sales in the eleventh hour.  Unlike a lot of other folks who come down to Miami, I am actually there to work.

What was your best “come-down” moment of relaxation in Miami?

• Sophia: Swimming in the ocean at 3 am

• Claudia: Walking along NW 29th at sunset laughing hard 

• Abbey Drucker: This year I kept it pretty balanced, in between photo shoots and art, I went to the beach and had pool time everyday. It’s just too good to be down there and not indulge in some Vitamin D and swimming

• Crystal: We rented this mustang and cruised around and it was just really fun… also swimming. This year the weather was perfect. 

• Matthu: My only proper meal. Sunday night at Madolin with my besties. 

• Alexis: My best come-down was on Monday, when our booth was packed, my bikini was on, and the sun was shining…hello Atlantic Ocean!


(Photo: 1. Bridge Red, 2012, by Thomas Dozol. 2. A Diary of Flowers, 1994, by Jim Hodges at the De La Cruz Collection)