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Hanuk Snaps eBay’s New York Dinner

By Jauretsi

As we closed up our LA cocktail event this Monday to celebrate the new eBay Feed in LA, we fondly look back at our New York event just last month. Here’s new snapshots from New York based night-life photographer Hanuk. His signature party snap is called “The Kiss”. Notice him smooching two ladies, The Inside Source’s writer Jenny Bahn (bottom center) and Jewelry Designer Anna Sheffeld (bottom right). He hopes to one day make a monster Kiss book. Here’s more from the mind of Hanuk… 

Q: Thanks for coming to our cool little dinner for eBay. Can you tell me 3 things that made you smile in the room that night?

A: It was wonderful to see so many friendly, familiar faces at such a delicious dinner— such wonderful food and drinks, not to mention the entertainment! It was so amazing to see Soko live.


Q: When you search for things you love on eBay, are there any specific categories you’re obsessed with?

A: My obsessions come in phases, but they are very strong. For a while, it was all toys, The Tick and Nightmare Before Christmas. Then, I moved on to things I loved in the 80’s that you just couldn’t find anywhere else, from old rugby shirts to discontinued colognes.

Q: Tell us what you are up to with work? Any projects of yours we should follow in the coming months?

A: Right now I’m working on a book about all my kiss photos, and hope to have an exhibition/party early next year, with even more kisses there, of course.

(Photo: by Hanuk)