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Clarks in Jamaica


Jamaica Loves Clarks

By Jauretsi

Clarks are one of those classic shoes that have been around through several movements, from hip hop to hipster kids to nature folk. Above all, there is one movement that Clarks were forever integrated down to the soul — Reggae culture. The new book, Clarks in Jamaica, traces the profound influence of the legendary shoe on the islands culture, with endless shout-outs by legendary musical figures of the genre. DJ-turned-historian Al Fingers traces stories of how sometimes old Clarks have been given burials like an old family member. The iconic shoes brought from the West Indies circa 1912 have been forever immortalized in dancehall anthems. We spotted a ton of awesome Clarks on eBay for those who affectionately crave a classic pair for themselves. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Clarks in Jamaica via Fader