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Alice Rosati photographer


Go Ask Alice

By Jenny Bahn

Milan-born, Paris-based photographer Alice Rosati was given her first camera as a Christmas present from her father when she was four years old. “It was a very cute Ninja Turtle Exemplar… the ones that when you print them, they leave a small design of a Ninja Turtle in the corner of the picture.” Now 27-years-old, the Ninja Turtles have faded away but the passion for photography has remained. Rosati’s images are quirky and strange, routinely just left of center. As she describes it herself: “In the world I always try to find the disturbing element. I am fascinated from all that is weird, unconventional, controversial.” A natural storyteller, Rosati creates new worlds within her photographs where her characters can play a role – “a labyrinthine without an exit” Rosati calls it. It’s a weird, well-dressed world out there. Let’s get lost.

(Photos: Courtesy of Alice Rosati)