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Insta-Peep-o-Gram: Nick Hines

"I’m seventeen. I love nature and art! I’ll try not to disappoint you," Nick Hines announces on the header of his Instagram page. What follows is a litany of kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, digitally altered images from rural, south eastern Ohio, where snow falls on empty fields and trees stand tall and uninterrupted. Nick then processes the images, sometimes adding an overlay, and then ships his magical world out to the masses, one shot at a time.

On Instagram, we often choose to follow those in the fast lane: the magazine editors, the celebrities, the models, all those boldface types. Everyone lives in Paris, London, New York. They take pictures of vegan food in San Francisco restaurants and snap shots while tanning on South African beaches. Nick (for the time being) is far removed from that, and that’s what makes his world so wonderful. His relative remoteness is an asset, and the images that he creates as a result do anything but disappoint.

The Inside Source wanted to pick the brain of this young photographer-in-the-making and find out what it’s like to approach photography having been born fully immersed in the digital age. Nick was kind enough to oblige.

Jenny Bahn: Can you tell us a little about where you’re from?

Nick Hines: I live about two hours away from Columbus, which would be… [MORE] the nearest large city. I live on a farm but I’m anything but a country kid. My home is actually located in Wayne National Forest and that’s why I have so many nature-themed pictures. It’s beautiful here all year long but I hardly get away from here and I’d like to see way more of the world than what I have. Everyone around here is the same.

Q: Do you take all your photos on your iPhone?

A: I do take all of my photos on my iPhone 3GS. The camera is actually pretty good for being so outdated compared to the ones in newer iPhones. Luckily, I get my new iPhone in April though!

Q: What are some of your favorite apps?

A: My favorite apps are Snapseed, Split Pic, and Decim8. I’d say my absolute favorite would be Snapseed though because it makes any picture look like a professional did it. The other two I like just because they are neat and look like I know what I’m doing. Haha.

Q: Do you ever shoot on real cameras, or just the iPhone?

A: I do not take pictures on real cameras. It’s harder for me to get creative with real ones for some reason. Plus, I don’t even own a camera of my own besides the one in my phone.

Q: How did you get into photography?

A: I don’t think that there was a specific time that I got into photography. I started at the end of last winter when I first discovered Instagram. To be honest, at first I was horrible at taking pictures but then fortunately I evolved into a much better artist. Now photography consumes most of my free time. I’d say that I started really getting into it though when I saw the works of others that inspired me.

Q: What are your favorite things to shoot?

My favorite things to photograph are trees. I am obsessed with anything nature, especially trees. I love how no two trees are the same and how the branches twist and turn up to the sky. They are just too beautiful. Over the summer I was always out in the forest under one. 

To follow Nick on Instagram, his handle is @nick_hines.

(Photos courtesy of Nick Hines. Text by Jenny Bahn)

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