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Jose Parla Hits Art Basel with TIS & Art Ruby

by Jauretsi

The Inside Source & Art Ruby hosted a special lunch with Tumblr for Jose Parla on Thursday afternoon in a sunny affair to celebrate his installation, Cafecito Neptuno, a Cuban Cafe at The Standard Spa Miami during Art Basel 2012. In addition to the cafe, copies of the coffeetablebook Wrinkles of the City were flying around the lunch table being signed by artists Jose and JR, who both collaborated on impressive murals created on Havana walls this past Spring. It was all love for Cuba, including table chats with David Cafe’s owner Adrian Gonzalez (Cuban institution) to artist Richard Phillips sharing tales of his own father and grandfather who had once lived in Havana. Tumblr’s Valentine, OHWOW’s Al Moran, Rey Parla, KAWS, Julia Chiang, Cheryl Dunn, and few other creative types joined in the conversation. It was a perfect cultural feat to clink glasses and celebrate two nations only 90 miles apart from each other. 

(Photo: 1. Richard Phillips and Jose Parla inside the installation Cafecito Neptuno. 2. Lunch guests 3. Artists Julia Chiang and Kaws 4. Artists and collaborators on Wrinkles of the City, JR and Jose ParlaPhotos by Jauretsi. 

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