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A Shortcut To Skincare

By Jenny Bahn

I’ve got a secret: I buy my expensive, department store beauty products on eBay. NARS, Philosophy, Lancome, you name it. This saves me money and a trip to the mall. Last year, while filming “I Stand Alone” with Theophilus London, his groomer and on-set makeup artist (playing triple duty as his aunt, actually) handed me a blue bottle of Clarin’s Instant Eye Make-Up Remover. She swore by it and insisted I take it. I’ve never been one to pass up advice or free products and I’ve been using it ever since. And when I ran out of it recently, I just snagged some more online. I’d recommend getting the same Clarins product straight from eBay and save yourself a trip to the department store. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Miles Aldridge for Numero and Clarins)

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