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Jose Parla Opens at BAM

This past Fashion Week was the unveiling of Jose Parla’s art at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). The Academy asked the Brooklyn artist to create “it’s first permanent commissioned piece of public art for an interior space” says the New York Times. The painting stood 37 feet by 7 feet. The event was a hip gathering of New York’s creatives who fled the slick Fashion parties for a down-home style evening. More info on We spotted a few Jose Parla goodies in the eBay closet if you’d like to collect this artist fast on the rise. 

(1. Filmmaker Cheryl Dunn, Jose Parla, Michael Karbelnikoff 2. Artist KAWS with friend 3. Triple 5 Soul Founder Camella Ehlke with child/ Photo and Text: Jauretsi)

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