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As the world’s largest online marketplace—one comprised of over 100 million active users—eBay is uniquely equipped to serve as a cultural barometer. Its global community helps set and forecast shopping trends daily through its searches, purchases and live sales.

Visit The Inside Source on Tumblr daily to catch up on the latest trends; learn what your favorite designers, stylists and decorators are hunting for right now; and to get inspired for your next shopping trip on eBay. We welcome your feedback and ideas, via comments on our Tumblr articles.

Jauretsi - Chief Curator Jauretsi serves as chief curator for The Inside Source. After a decade as a writer/editor at Jane, Paper, and Details magazines, she decided to leave the halls of print publishing to make her first documentary, East of Havana (Sony/BMG). From there, the interdisciplinary artist went all-digital, writing and filming for websites such as Nowness and The Standard Culture. Did we mention she DJ’s and has a radio show on Radio Lily? Currently, she spends most of her days sifting through eBay’s vast collection, pulling up exquisite finds for Inside Source readers and offering muse-worthy inspiration for your next shopping trip.

Jenny Bahn - Writer + Managing Editor Jenny Bahn is a model and writer living in Brooklyn. She has worked for the likes of Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Helmut Lang, traveling between LA, NY, and Paris for work. In addition to The Inside Source, Jenny also contributes to V Magazine, among other independents. Her number one piece of advice: Live life… beautifully.


Emily Spivack - Curator of our Art Pieces, from her blog Sentimental Value Emily creates and writes for Threaded, the Smithsonian’s fashion history blog, and has a project called Worn Stories. She is also the curator-at-large for Bureau of Trade. Emily founded Shop Well with You and was the editor-in-chief of PopTech. She also produced and co-curated global salons for Sustainability and was the founding director of Dowser. You may have read her work on the Urban Outfitters blog as well. Our favorite project of hers is her collection of stories for a blog called Sentimental Value in which she excavates eBay for items with little personal stories. Expect to see some of these treasured tales featured on The Inside Source.

Tomas - Illustrator Tomas is a creative soul based in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2012, he graduated from Creative Industries BA at Vilnius Gediminas technical University. From early 2011 until late 2012, he worked at TAPE video and design studio. Since then, he works as a freelance graphic artist and motion designer. His interests range in various creative fields including fashion, photography, illustration, graphic design to motion graphics and animation.

Jessica Malafouris - Photographer After years of studying advertising at Western Michigan University, Jessica was scouted by a modeling agent and moved to New York City to pursue what would be a successful career in modeling. Her immersion into the world of fashion became and entree for her next endeavor, styling. She spent years working alongside some of the most well regarded stylists and gradually honed in her own vision and voice. Her passion in this field grew and culminated in the idea to bring together her interests and hobbies, as she founded a company called Once Loved Laundry. OLL is a blog-based company where clients can read up on, view portraits of (taken by Jessica, herself), and purchase “once loved” pieces, from some of the preeminent closets and archives and in the industry. The Inside Source will be featuring some of Jessica’s photography and flavor in the worlds of fashion.

Greta Larkins - Gif Creator Our fantabulous GIF Maker located in down under Australia. Her site is:

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